Health ProtectorGuard is a hospital surgical fixed indemnity plan that pays set benefits for incurred medical expenses. It helps pay for things like hospital stays, inpatient and outpatient surgury, emergency room and doctor visits, annual wellness, prescriptions, x-rays, and much more. Benefits are predictable and simple to understand making it easy for you know exactly what you are getting! Best of all, it’s affordable and you don’t have to meet any deductible before your benefits begin.

How Does it Compare to Obamacare?

Big cost savings!

In most cases your health insurance premiums will be much lower than Obamacare unless you’re getting a large subsidy. To discover exactly how much you could save for you and your family click here for a free quote, and apply today!

No Deductibles

The concept is simple, there is NO DEDUCTIBLE. Benefits begin as soon as you incur eligible medical expenses. Benefits can then be paid directly to you, or directly to your provider and you never have to worry about paying a large deductible before benefits begin.

Choose Any Doctor Or Hospital

Health ProtectorGuard works with any licensed doctor or hospital in the United States. So you can keep your doctor!

There is also a large network of preferred providers (PPO) that you can use for additional savings. To find if your provider is in the network click HERE.

Apply Any Time

Health ProtectorGuard is not subject to specific Enrollment Periods like Obamacare. You can apply for coverage when you need it any time of the year. So apply today and start receiving your health insurance benefits.

Key Features and Benefits

See brochure for specific details and exclusions.

Guaranteed Benefits

Health ProtectorGuard benefits are paid when covered services are rendered, regardless of which licensed provider you use. There is no coordination with other forms of insurance or preapproval required. You receive a fixed amount for covered services regardless of whether or not another health insurance plan has already paid the claim.

Hospital Expenses

Includes a Daily Inpatient Hospital Confinement Benefits from $1,000 to $5,000 per day for an Unlimited Number of Days!

Benefits Increase 25% per year for injuries for five years, from $2,000 to $10,000 in year five .

So the longer you keep your plan, the more benefits you receive.

Additional ICU Benefits from $2,000 to $10,000 per day are provided for up to 31 days when confined to a hospitals intensive care or critical care unit. In addition, your Daily Inpatient Hospital Confinement.  See brochure for details.

Surgery Services

All plans include additional surgical benfits and have unlimited number of days of surgical benefits, and surgeon benefits apply whether surgery is performed in a hospital, an outpatient surgical facility, or at a doctor’s office/clinic. See brochure for details.

Doctor Visits provided with No Deductible

Health ProtectorGuard provides a Doctor Visit benefit with every plan with no deductible. You can choose from two to five doctor visits per person per year for illness and injury. Benefits are paid for services rendered by any licensed doctor in the United States.

Rollover Unused Doctor Visits

Because people often don’t use all their doctor visits in a given year, Health ProtectorGuard allows you to roll over unused doctor visits into the next calendar year! So the longer you keep your plan, the more potential visits you have in years ahead. See brochure for specific details and limitations.

Wellness / Preventative Care

After a modest 6-month waiting period, each member receives one wellness benefit per year. You can utilize benefits for preventative care and wellness services to include: annual physicals, immunizations (other than a flu shot), mammograms, psa tests, and certain blood screenings, etc. See brochure for details.

Pharmacy Services

A prescription discount card is included with every Health ProtectorGuard plan. The discount card gives you valuable discounts on most prescriptions you use everyday. In addition select plans pay $20 toward generic, and $40 toward brand name drugs.  Some restrictions apply. See brochure for details.

Outpatient Services

Benefits for outpatient services (tests or medical procedures that don’t involve an overnight stay). Health ProtectorGuard includes benefits for things like labs tests, x-rays, diagnostic imaging, and more. See brochure for details.

Outpatient Cancer Treatment

Outpatient Chemotherapy and Radiation benefits are also included on every plan! Health Benefit for both Oral Chemotherapy, Outpatient Chemotherapy, and Non Oral Chemotherapy or Radiation. See brochure for details.

Apply Today

Not restricted to limited enrollment periods like Obamacare, so you can apply for coverage any time of the year. Its easy, and takes only minutes.

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A Final Suggestion From Our Founder

“I always recommend adding a additional supplemental coverage to cover out of pocket expenses that may occur in case of an Accident or Critical Illness with any Fixed Indemnity Plan for added protection. I recommend with UHC Health Protectorguard packaging this with Accident ProGuard and Critical Illness Insurance fills potential gaps and provides real peace of mind should you or a family member suffer a qualifying critical illness. The policy I recommend provides a lump sum cash benefit of $10,000 to $50,000 paid directly to the policyholder in event of a qualifiying critical illness. The cash is yours to use wherever you need it, whether to make up for lost income during a critical illness and pay household bills, or to pay medical expenses that are not covered by your medical insurance.  I typically recommend $30,000 to $50,000 of coverage be added to the indemnity plan and you often still pay less than Obamacare. Plus you get real peace of mind with the added cash benefits allowed if you suffered a critical illness that Obamacare does not provide. ***_Critical Illness Insurance ***_by UnitedHealthcare is an affordable addition that fits exceptionally well with Health ProtectorGuard.”_

Mike Sosso

Click here for more details on Critical Illness Insurance by United Healthcare.

Am I eligible for this product?

The primary insured and spouse must be between the ages of 18-64 (drop off on 65th birthday) and any dependent children must be between 0-25 years of age (drop off on 26th birthday) in order to be eligible for inclusion in the plan. In addition all applicants must truthfully answer the medical questions in the application. Any misstatement or misrepresentation on the application could result in claims being denied.

Is this product ACA compliant?

No, Health ProtectorGuard is not a substitute for the minimum essential coverage required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). But recent tax law changes removed the individual mandate and and you are no longer required to carry an ACA compliant plan. As a result you will no longer be penalized on your taxes and can purchase the medical insurance you feel meets your families needs and budget. Helath Protector Guard is a real cost effective solution.

Does this policy cover preexisting conditions?

During the first 12 months of coverage Health ProtectorGuard will not pay benefits for a loss that is incurred due to a preexisting condition. After the initial 12 month period has passed the preexisting condition limitation will no longer apply.